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Princess Sasha Algebra Clubs

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For boys & girls ages 4-12. Meetings are overseen by parents (or guardians) of the children. Adults socialize as older children read Princess Sasha books to younger children & assist them in drawing things described in the books. 

Princess Sasha Saves Baby Dinosuars:  Fun Algebra    
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Practice Problems Book       Available Now on Amazon! 

Practice Problems Book       Available Now on Amazon! 

First release of a 12-book Algebra 1 series for children 4 and older. Boys and girls enjoy learning basic Algebra thru FUpuzzles and tricks as well as a captivating, suspenseful fairy tale. Children develop Confidence in their math learning abilities (along with the book's reader/parent/sibling, etc.). 

Kids have FUN using the Number Line to devise and draw their own puzzles/equations (e.g.            X + 3 = 4;    X - 2 = 1;    X - (-2) = 3,  etc.) for family & friends to solve. The child then verbally explains the real-world problem he created the puzzle to solve.  

Princess Sasha Saves Baby Dinosaurs: Fun Algebra 


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