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Book 1  -  Princess Sasha Saves Baby Dinosaurs 

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Why Black and Latino Children May Need     Basic Algebra Instruction in Preschool!

Currently, most U.S. public schools do not teach Algebra (the gateway to all higher mathematics) until the eighth grade, even though prominent mathematicians increasingly argue that preschool children should receive algebraic instruction. For African-American and Latino preschool children, such instruction could lead to the elimination of “stereotype threat” in elementary schools. If this happens, these children would have a newfound opportunity to achieve their academic potential.   

First, what is stereotype threat? It refers to a phenomenon whereby students perform worse on academic tests when they become aware of negative stereotypes pertaining to their ethnicity or sex (Claude Steele and Joshua Aronson 1995).  One study shows black and Latino children become aware of racial biases before age 8.

Awareness of Racial Biases by Age 8

Researchers have established various methods to reduce stereotype threat.     Reducing Stereotype Threat   However, in spite of these initiatives, the U.S. Department of Education's . . . 

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