About Sasha's World and Author Dr. Courtney West

Welcome to Sasha's World, a website designed to promote a  12-book Algebra 1 series for children ages 4 and older. The first release is called Princess Sasha Saves Baby Dinosaurs: Fun Algebra. It includes captivating pre-story puzzles and after-story tricks as well as an engaging fairy tale about two baby dinosaurs from another planet.

Princess Sasha must care for the dinosaurs for two weeks until an Angel returns to take them home. The 4-year-old girl soon faces a big obstacle. Fortunately, she and her two best friends Jazmin and Kristen figure out a way to protect the dinosaurs. But then something terrible and unexpected happens that could prevent the little reptiles from returning home to their mother and father. Princess Sasha recruits her three best, male friends to help the girls with their problem. Kids love to hear this story again and again.

Captivating pre-story puzzles and after-story tricks show children (as young as 4) how to solve Algebra equations such as X + 3 = 4   and   X - 2 = 1   and   X – (- 2) = 3. Princess Sasha Algebra books are interactive and enable parents (and others) to teach basic Algebra to preschool students. This is true even if: 1) the children don’t know how to read and 2) the parent/reader has no understanding of Algebra.

I have a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education and a J.D. emphasizing Juvenile Law from the University of Colorado - Boulder. I live in Centennial, CO.  I encourage you to read Why Algebra Matters and my FREE Algebra Articles